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The Wellcome Collection Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Hello Happiness is the first series of The Wellcome Collection Podcast. In this episode, Bidisha asks: What are our emotions and how are they made? She then attempts to pin down the purpose and uses of hope.

Listen to historian Tiffany Watt Smith explain how our understanding of emotion has been shaped throughout time, from the ancient Greeks to our present-day obsession with wellbeing and productivity.  

Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett speaks with anthropologist Kit Davies about how emotions are made by our brains and society.

Black Lives Matter activist Ndumiso Peter Ndlovu (“Dee”) and climate change activist Daze Aghaji discuss how they hold on to hope for a future that is far more brilliant than our present-day reality.  

Artist and performer Selina Thompson reads a specially commissioned text where she explores hope, interdependence, trust and time travel.  

Presented by Bidisha
Produced by Debbie Kilbride  
Sound design by Micky Curling  
Music by Sola  
Researched by Priya Jay  
Executive producer Emily Wiles